Treatment of dark circles or bags under the eyes

Puffiness or Dark circles under the eyes can ensure that one is tired, older or less healthy looks. The bags can often be stubborn and difficult to combat. There are various treatment options. Circles under the eyes can also be stubborn and require a different approach. Camouflage also belongs to the possibilities.


Causes of bags under the eyes

There can be several causes for bags under the eyes. Sagging skin is one of the main causes. During the aging process occurs frequently sagging skin and the skin under eyes drop some out. There is a greater projection, and the walls are worse. It may also be that there is too much skin or too much fat is present so that there is a convexity.

There are different types of eye bags

To provide a proper treatment, it is important to look first for what kind it is. Puffiness can be divided under the eyes of two types, namely:

Eye bags filled with moisture

This species is easier to fight. Using an eye cream that accumulation of fluid under the eyes is going to be recommended. Self-massage away the moisture is also an option. From the inner corner to the direction of the cheekbones, so that the moisture is discharged via the lymphatic system. The visit to a recognized beauty can bring a solution. Should the beautician to establish that the moisture can not be removed sufficiently, then there may optionally be passed to the removal of the moisture via sound waves. The excess liquid is then drained through the lymphatic system so that the walls significantly reduce or disappear.

Eye bags filled with grease

However, this can not be treated by a beautician. However, these walls may optionally be removed by cosmetic surgery.

Causes of dark circles under the eyes

There may be several causes for the emergence of dark circles, such as, among other things:

  • Sleep deprivation.
  • It may be genetically determined.
  • Aging (leaving the skin softer).
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Anemia.

Thin, translucent skin under the eyes

The skin under the eyes can be thin, which makes dark circles more visible. Also, a lack of moisture in the body can worsen the dark circles. Because there is (too), little moisture is present between the skin color of the bone can shine through it. This creates a gray color under the eyes.

What can you do under eye circles?

  • Drinking more water so that there is adequate fluid under the skin.
  • Ensure proper and adequate sleep.
  • Try to avoid stress.
  • Healthy and vitamin-rich food.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of coffee or alcohol.
  • Smoking is also not conducive to glowing skin.
  • When anemia can swallow a doctor’s advice iron tablets.

Natural resources

Ten minutes to fifteen minutes (cold) tea bags or bags of green tea put on the eyes has an enlightening effect on dark circles. Also, lay slices of cucumber or potato slices on the eyes may help to reduce circles.

Eye Slices Bright Eyes of Biotanix reduce dark circles and puffiness

They are green slices soaked in a liquid Kit which includes rooibos tea. The slices should be placed on the eye for five minutes. There are two discs in the package, good for ten times use. These eye pads also have a cooling and calming effect. They cost around ten to about twelve euros and are packed in a green plastic box.


Creams for the eye contour

Even better eye cream Clinique has an illuminating and enlightening effect on the eye. The product comes in a small tube of only 10 ml. On the tube is a special applicator which has a cooling effect on the skin. Squeeze light in the tube so that there is a small amount of the cream comes out and ironing it with the applicator over the skin, from the inside to the outside. The cream contains light-reflecting particles and slightly colored. The disadvantage is the price of about 40 euros for 10 ml. After twelve weeks, the circles would be 30 percent lighter. This small tube does not twelve weeks, so this method is quite pricey.

Eye wonder Dr. Skin reduces puffiness around the eyes, it is soothing and healing and can also be used in dark circles. This product contains no perfume, no parabens, and mineral oils.

Fresh Eyes Biomed has a diuretic effect and is one hundred percent natural. The product creates a tighter skin around the eyes and a fresh glance. However, it does contain fragrance.


Clinique also has a concealer Even Better. This camouflage blemishes, dark circles and evens the complexion. It has a lifting effect. Use a color that is not too light, making the circles can just come forward. One shade lighter than your skin tone is usually good. But make sure you do not color that is too dark! Choose a concealer with yellow undertones. Other brands have good concealers. For example, Coverderm and Vichy have products for skin imperfections such as birthmarks, scars, acne, etc. The makeup and concealers are waterproof. The make-up of Coverderm must be removed with a special cleaner.


Light-reflecting pigments

Camouflage Products and foundation with light-reflecting pigments reflect the light, so skin imperfections or dark circles the eyes less noticeable. These products are of different brands available, such as Max Factor, L’Oreal and Yves Rocher, and Even Better Eyes by Clinique.

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Thread Lift: The quick and inexpensive alternative to a facelift?

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Herringbone Nails Tutorial—Rose Gold & Black Nail Art With Bullion Beads


“Check out how I created this Rose Gold Herringbone Nail Art with Bullion Beads and Rhinestones accents. Along with tips on how to make bullion beads last longer.”

1. Apply a black crème polish to all nails after the base coat is dry. I used China Glaze Liquid Leather Nail Lacquer.

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2. Using a rose gold glitter polish and a medium length (approximately 10mm) striping brush, start at the corner of the cuticle and brush towards the center of the nail at an approximate 45 degree angle. I used Three Beauties of London Glitter Gold Nail Lacquer.

Tip #1: Layer the glitter gradually to prevent too much thickness.

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Herringbone Nails Tutorial—Rose Gold & Black Nail Art With Bullion Beads

3. Use a shimmery bronze polish and a striping brush, start at the opposite corner of the cuticle and brush towards the center of the nail. I used butter LONDON The Old Bill Nail Lacquer.

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